This is the ladies night you've been dreaming of!

2020 dates coming soon!

Niceville, FL

Let's get together and rebuild your happiness.

Go from feeling empty and stuck inside to feeling energized and empowered.

The New Year will not save you. YOU will save you.

I know you've been trying everything to help yourself get out of this negative rut. But nothing is actually creating change for you.

I know...

You want to change,

You want to evolve,

You want to be happier,

You want to be more confident,

But it also stresses you out, working on yourself...

Here is your answer.

The From Empty To  Empowered  Workshop

Start living peaceful, confident and back in control of your life. Learn how to empower, uplift and rebuild yourself into the New Year.

After attending this workshop you will be out of that slump and into living life happy, confident and FREE again!


Hey sista!

I'm Natalie (AKA Mrs. Miyagi)! I am your fitness coach for the mind. I train the muscles in your brain to release the anxiety and depression. Doing so will bring YOU and your self-worth back.

I help you get YOU back by teaching you EFT (Emotional Freedom), NLP(Reprograming the mind), psychology education and motivational, empowerment coaching.

After ending my gymnastics career in 2013 I found myself experiencing an identity crisis and depression.... Something I never thought I would experience. "The happy go lucky, confidently energetic, strong girl." But I did. I had super highs some days and super lows the other days. Always asking myself "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME, am I going to be like this forever?"


I stayed like this for a couple of years until I had a mentor teach me about emotional healingI then went to a therapist, body workers, hypnotist, nutritionists, doctors, mentors and coaches who’ve helped me through and I became FREE. (I personally didn't want to take medication so I tried finding all the other routes to help myself heal) I became free from the depressed rut I was hiding inside me. I felt like I could breathe and finally feel confident in my own skin again.


It is now my duty, my passion, my purpose to guide every women into freeing themselves and teach how to eliminate the destructive tendencies FOR GOOD, with everything that I have learned through my journey.


Let's make your insides finally match the outside. Bringing YOU and your worth back again before stepping into that next chapter of your life.

I'm obsessed with helping others get out of their own way and become their highest self.

Why not live your life to the fullest and create the person you want to be......right here..... right now......while you're here on this earth!

What we will do...

Learn relaxation tools and techniques to help you calm and clear the mind. This will help you pull yourself out of those negative ruts.

Self-confidence, self-worth and self-love activities.

(with your complimentary notebook!)

Emotional healing. Helping you get out of the "should be's" in life. Helping you overcome any internal battles you've been fighting.

Empower one another, listen to one another, learn from one another, lift each other up.

Get to know the ladies around you. Build connections with ones who want to see you succeed!

Wine Down with Natalie

READY to go from wishing to doing?

It's your time to take back control of your life. You deserve that happy life you're wishing for. I'm here to help you get there!

Spots are limited +

I'd hate for you to miss this!

Who this is for...

Ladies ONLY..... (sorry guys!)

You're masking your happiness, pretending you're "okay" on the outside

You want to build more self-confidence and self-love

The anxiety is over ruling your happiness and you can't take it anymore

You just want yourself and your energy back

You're SO freakin' READY to calm the mind and revamp your self-worth

How you will feel after...









New location coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon

Sounds great!

How much does it cost?

General Admissions *TBA*

(Includes admissions, take aways and complimentary notebook)

Join us for ladies night out @TBD after workshop!!

(Dinner is not included in your admissions)

Expect to feel motivated, encouraged, confident and refreshed as you walk away with a new light shining through you

- Natalie Saimeri

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