The R.E.A.D.Y Program

DETOX naturally from: 

People Pleasing



Anxiety Attacks


Self Sabotage

Overwhelming Stress

Feeling Stuck

Self Hate


Unhealthy Eating Patterns

Emotional Rollercoaster 


Body Conscious

Past Traumas

Generational Patterns


This mentorship program is for...

I'm Natalie, your mentor

Hi friend I'm Natalie (AKA Mrs. Miyagi)! I am your fitness coach for the mind. I train the muscles in your brain helping you release the anxiety and depression to bring YOU and your worth back again.

I do this through EFT, NLP, psychology education and motivational, empowerment coaching.

I know what it’s like to suffocate in your self destructing thoughts. I know what it's like to not feel like YOU anymore, like you are an obstacle in your own life. Having super highs but then super lows, never just feeling 'okay'. My middle name used to be 'worry wart', always stressed out (something I thought I just had to accept and live with for the rest of my life).


I stayed like this for a couple of years until I found myself in the hospital for excruciating stomach pain, on the floor from anxiety attacks and migraines that ruined my days.


It turns out that those were the physical signs I needed to start asking for help and get myself out of my own way. I went to a therapist, body workers, hypnotist, nutritionists, doctors, mentors and coaches who’ve helped me through and I became FREE. Free from the constant anxiety state of not being, looking, or achieving enough. I felt like I could breathe and finally feel confident in my own skin again.


It is now my duty, my passion, my purpose to guide every women into freeing themselves and teach how to eliminate the destructive tendencies FOR GOOD. All the methods that have worked for me and hundreds of other ladies, are put into one program to help you feel confident in your own skin. Making the inside finally match the outside. Bringing YOU and your worth back again before stepping into that next chapter of your life.

What's in the READY Program and how it will work for you...


restore, rebuild, renew

My lady,

I know, you want to make the change. I know you've been stuck in this destructive rut of a cycle for a while now and are sick of it.

All you want is your life back!

I know you've started to make a change for yourself, meditate or learn how to calm the mind, go to therapy, change your diet, go to the gym more, loosen up a bit. You get bursts of motivation to do something about it… Then you fall off the wagon a couple weeks later. I did this for years! You are not alone!

The truth is, I was never able to release this hamster wheel until I got support and maybe you are realizing the same thing. At the end of the day, what makes me different, is that I truly know where you are coming from.

I'm here with you, every step of the way.


Meet Rebecca, 26, she used to suffer from really bad anxiety. Panic attacks before and during driving, worrying about what others thought about her and people pleasing. She is so excited that she no longer feels those things and has truly loved investing in herself and feeling so confident in her own skin. Ohh... SHE'S ALSO ENGAGED NOW!

Meet Bria, 37, and was going through a life transition. Had a big break up and had to start over. Starting over made her going into the overthinking, the shame and the unworthiness. She has been trying to move past this for years and hasn't been able to. She now has so much more compassion with herself and is no longer afraid to feel her feelings. She is now settled and at peace with herself and her life!

Meet Nicolle, 30, she has had a life changing experience with the READY Program. She just moved to a new town, she was losing sight of herself, didn't know who she wanted to be and what job to do. After the program she is proud to say she has really found who she is and who she wants to be. By the end of the program she is now pregnant (trying for a year before then) and has an amazing job she never thought she could have!

Meet Penelope, 29, a career coach. She was a self sabotaging perfectionist who couldn't get away from her debilitating thoughts. She had so many different break throughs through out the program. She has more self love and way more comfortable with herself and where she is in life. No longer people pleasing. Penelope say's the program is the birth place of whats to come in her life!

The READY Program proved to be exactly what I needed to regain control of my life in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. For several years I tried traditional talk therapy, but ultimately felt as though it served as a podium for my complaints, rather than an opportunity to constructively work through the root of my emotions. I was hopeless and felt as though I was at a stagnant point in my life journey— an empty shell of myself. When Natalie reached out to me about the READY Program and explained its foundation, everything she described was exactly what I needed. I decided to take the chance and invest in myself, and I couldn’t be more happy that I did!


Prior to the program, I had internalized failed relationships as a sign that I was inadequate and lacked self-worth. My confidence diminished and I allowed the way that others treated me to be a direct reflection of my own value. Coupled with my people-pleasing tendencies, I was stuck in an endless cycle of putting others before myself. My anxiety reached new levels and I felt trapped in my negative thought processes, constantly searching for peace of mind that was seemingly out of reach.


Joining the READY Program was truly life-changing. Having a group of girls my age that had been through similar experiences provided a remarkable support system; all of us found comfort in sharing our deepest thoughts, subsequently pushing each other to grow and evolve. I learned many techniques to help me cope with my anxiety and additionally was able to find closure to heal from from past traumas. Instead of feeling like a victim of my past, I was finally able to take a step back and find the positive aspects of how each situation has changed me for the better. One of the most important things I learned was to ground myself in the present, rather than ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. I discovered how to create healthy boundaries, restore my confidence, and truly love & accept myself along the way. 


Natalie was an amazing coach— her vibrant energy, gentle guidance, and constant encouragement led us all on a path toward success. I finally feel like I have control of my life again, and now I have all the tools and techniques to overcome whatever obstacles I may face in the future ahead! 

- Diana, 29, Marketer 

I am a proud graduate of the READY Program! Before joining Natalie's program I was feeling super stuck. I felt stifled and unimportant at work. I had the same job for 6years.


In my personal life, I was making all the wrong decisions. I was going out too much, spending my time on the wrong things and looking for love in the wrong places. I was so afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help that I just stayed in this cycle of unhealthy behavior. I was overly critical to the point where I hated looking at myself in the mirror for too long.


With Natalie's guidance, I've gained so much more confidence in myself, in my decision-making, and in my ability to be successful. I've learned that it's ok to feel things and tell people, especially those close to me, when I'm not ok. I've learned that my childhood traumas do not define who I am today; that it is possible to move passed pain and come out on the other side with a whole new outlook on what happened.


I've been able to release so much negativity from my life thanks to Natalie, this program, and the READY girls that took this journey with me. It wasn't easy for me to admit to myself, let alone 5 other women, that I felt like I was failing at life and that I was scared I would never find real love or total happiness. Once I let my fears go and started living more positively, it felt like the universe opened up and everything started falling into place.


Natalie and the READY girls had my back and helped me realize my true self and for that I will always be grateful. 

-Ginaleigh, 28, Corporate America

Before the READY Program my thoughts could be considered as self destructing. These thoughts stemmed from my last relationship and I believed the person I was, was who I was suppose to be.


The READY Program helped me love and accept myself every single day. I learned new techniques that I practice daily to allow me to become who I genuinely want to be without any outside influence. This program helped me unlock certain memories, that I didn’t even know were bothering me, to finally heal from them.


I love this program, and our weekly calls with the group. It was very empowering to know that I’m not alone in feeling the way I did before. Natalie was amazing! She was always there for us and kept the ready program fun and lively! She connects with each individual specifically fit for you. I loved that about Natalie. This program was eye opening. Thank you Natalie.

-Chelsea, 26, Traveling Nurse

"I really didn't know what to expect, all I knew was I had lost "me" and I had no idea where I had gone or if I'd ever get me back. My mind was everywhere, I didn't know how to tackle the next step in my life. I wasn't smiling and laughing like I used to, It just wasn't me.

Natalie's positivity and energy is infectious and creates the path to a different way of thinking, she's a very gifted individual. I was taught to take my time and truly elevate my life and see what I really want and should get out of it. In just a few sessions I had found the light I was looking for. Natalie helped push me past my fears in such an amazing way, showing me that it is never too late to change your life and be who you are really meant to be.

Today I know no matter what life throws at me I believe in myself, love myself, and trust myself to know I have the tools and mindset to overcome anything and everything. Natalie's caring and encouraging nature paved the way for me to completely change my life and way of thinking and I'd recommend Natalie to ANYONE. Just take the first step...reach out!"

-Emily, 25, Nurse

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