Welcome to the girl gang of empaths FINALLY putting themselves first!

Introducing the READY Program 2.0 with Natalie Saimeri

A high-impact, transformational group program where you will get unstuck,put yourself first and FINALLY gain momentum in your personal growth. We will DEEP dive into your subconscious mind, unleash your inner peace, gain back control of your emotions, and FULLY shift into the identity feeling confident in your own skin. 8 weeks worth of coaching in a highly engaged, comfortable, fun loving community.

Your emotions will no longer drain or overload you. You will have so much energy to focus on yourself now!

BIEEE stress, anxiety, negative head chatter
BIEEE feeling icky about putting yourself first
HELLO momentum in personal growth
HELLO past experiences no longer ruining the future


Understand yourself and your emotions on a whole new level. As an empath, we take on others emotions never really knowing our own. This is the first step in putting YOU first. Freedom from within comes from understanding yourself. 

Learn the 3 hidden ways we cope with stress, overwhelm and anxiety. RELEASE THAT SH*T! Then learn specifically what to do that better serves you in a healthy, positive, productive way.

Build emotional agility so your emotions stop feeling like they are controlling you.

~Go out in social situations without emotional drain and anxiety

~Start doing work without the stress of what the next workload will look like

~Stop worrying about what you could have or should have done already in life

You will be back in the drivers seat here. READY to take on whatever comes your way.

You can expect to feel a sense of peace, security and confidence right away here.


TIME TO RELEASE AND RENEW! Goodbye old, hello new me!

This is where you find root causes and uproot them like a weed so they never return.


Heal from the past, stop reoccurring negative patterns and cycles of self sabotage.

Subconscious blocks will be revealed, fears released, identities shifted, beliefs upgraded, vision clarified, and creativity unleashed using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, transformational shadow work, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, self-discovery systems, energetic tuning, meditation, and more!

This is where you feel that internal shift you've been wanting for a while now.


HELL YA! I'm released, I'm renewed, I'm healed, I'm shifted... now what...how do I move through within myself and my external world with this new place I'm in?

Here is where we build your emotional toolkit.

You will know to do every day to ensure you stay in this beautifully, peaceful, confident self without the stress and anxiety getting the best of you. How to bring yourself back on track when you fall off.

And you're "WTF DO I DO" toolkit to help you through the unknowns that pop up during the day.

~What to do when I have a panic attack in the car?

~What do I do when I am on emotional overload but I have a presentation tomorrow?

~How do I start putting myself first but not give up my helping and giving power?



Creating your full package of mind, body, soul alignment. You will have a consistent routine and daily practices to help you sustain energy, release emotions on the spot and feeling confident in your own skin.

Putting all the pieces together to create the ultimate internal and external success.

You will feel free and uplifted at this time.

You will be doing things you NEVER thought you would


Your emotions don't control you anymore, you put yourself first and your soul is aligned back to YOU.

People pleasing, worrying about how others perceive you, emotional overload and stressing about being stressed NO LONGER LIVES WITHIN YOU!

You are FREE sista friend! You are back home to you and no one can stop you now.


Imagine 8 weeks of unlimited support just for you.

Meet Rebecca

She used to suffer from really bad anxiety, worrying about what others thought about her and people pleasing. She is so excited that she no longer feels those and has truly loved investing in herself and feeling so confident in her own skin. Ohh... SHE'S ALSO ENGAGED NOW and turned down an amazing job offer because she is extremely aligned with what she wants in life!

You will never be able to create personal success until you put yourself first, process your emotions and zen the f*ck out

Meet Bria, 37, and was going through a life transition. Had a big break up and had to start over. Starting over made her going into the overthinking, the shame and the unworthiness. She now has so much more compassion with herself and is no longer afraid to feel her feelings. She is now settled and at peace with herself and her life!

Meet Nicolle, 30, she has had a life changing experience with the READY Program. After the program she is proud to say she has really found who she is and who she wants to be. By the end of the program she is now pregnant (trying for a year before then) and has an amazing job she never thought she could have!

"I am a proud graduate of the READY Program!


I was so afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help that I just stayed in this cycle of unhealthy behavior. I was overly critical to the point where I hated looking at myself in the mirror for too long.


I've gained so much more confidence in myself, in my decision-making, and in my ability to be successful. I've learned that my childhood traumas do not define who I am today; that it is possible to move passed pain and come out on the other side with a whole new outlook.


I've been able to release so much negativity from my life thanks to Natalie, this program, and the READY girls that took this journey with me. Once I let my fears go and started living more positively, it felt like the universe opened up and everything started falling into place.


Natalie and the READY girls had my back and helped me realize my true self and for that I will always be grateful."

-Ginaleigh, Corporate America

"The READY Program proved to be exactly what I needed to regain control of my life in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. I decided to take the chance and invest in myself, and I couldn’t be more happy that I did!


Prior to the program, I had internalized failed relationships as a sign that I was inadequate and lacked self-worth.


Joining the READY Program was truly life-changing. Having a group of girls my age that had been through similar experiences provided a remarkable support system; all of us found comfort in sharing our deepest thoughts, subsequently pushing each other to grow and evolve. I learned many techniques to help me cope with my anxiety and additionally was able to find closure to heal from from past traumas. I discovered how to create healthy boundaries, restore my confidence, and truly love & accept myself along the way. 


Natalie was an amazing coach— her vibrant energy, gentle guidance, and constant encouragement led us all on a path toward success. I finally feel like I have control of my life again, and now I have all the tools and techniques to overcome whatever obstacles I may face in the future ahead!"

~Diana, Marketer

Who this program is for...

"The READY Program helped me love and accept myself every single day. I learned new techniques that I practice daily to allow me to become who I genuinely want to be without any outside influence.

I love this program, and our weekly calls with the group. It was very empowering to know that I’m not alone in feeling the way I did before. Natalie was amazing! She was always there for us and kept the READY Program fun and lively! I loved that about Natalie."

Chelsea, Traveling Nurse

"Natalie's positivity and energy is infectious and creates the path to a different way of thinking, she's a very gifted individual. In just a few sessions I had found the light I was looking for. Natalie helped push me past my fears in such an amazing way.

Today I know no matter what life throws at me I believe in myself, love myself, and trust myself to know I have the tools and mindset to overcome anything and everything. Natalie's caring and encouraging nature paved the way for me to completely change my life and way of thinking!"

Emily,  Nurse

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