Be At



Create a healthy relationship with yourself to finally be at peace

break out of the cycle of

self doubt and stop relying on self help books to have your answers

One week online Be At Peace workshop

Enrollment is CLOSED!

Future dates coming soon!

I get it! You're trying to create less stress in your life. You're wanting to stop judging everything you do. You finally want to feel comfortable in your own skin and not let the anxious, negative chatter in your head rule you anymore.

You've bought all the self help books in the world, they are great for the next few days but then you find yourself going right back into your old ways.

I know you've tried...




Working out

buying the new hottest clothes


Treatin' yo-self to ice cream

But, even though these things have helped, they haven't been your answers.

It's time to finally quiet the mind, release the negative chatter in your head and be at peace with yourself.

Learn From Me

Hey you! I'm Natalie Saimeri.

After constantly self destructing with stress and anxiety ruling my life, my secret became breath work and meditation to get me out of my own way. I knew there was more to life then just going through the motions and nitpicking myself EVERY DAY!

I've changed the game with helping others quit doubting themselves and boost their self confidence. I'm now READY to show you how!

I'm obsessed with helping others get out of their own way and become their highest self.

Why not live your life to the fullest and create the person you want to be......right here..... right now......while you're here on this earth!


LIVE Morning meditations. Mon-Sun in our private FB group.

[about 10 mins long @7am CT/ 8am ET

Daily exploration emails/videos during the week helping you create the peace within - on your own time.  [7 topics listed below]

All meditations, mantras and video daily topics will be recorded for you to have FOREVER!

 Unlimited access to my email during the week for extra support and accountability.

You get to be a part of a private Facebook group for those only in this workshop [male and female]

All for $49.99

Daily Topics Include:

MONDAY: Find Clarity

Find clarity and acceptance on exactly who you want to become and what you want in your life.

TUESDAY: Mindset

Create the mindset that helps you grow and succeed.

FRIDAY: Deleting The Crutch

Is the story you are holding onto helping you or hurting you?

SATURDAY: Accountability

Learn how to hold yourself accountable when no one is looking.

WEDNESDAY: Empowering Language

Learn how to gain back your power and quit nitpicking everything you do.

SUNDAY: Become One

Become one with who you are right now, feeling comfortable in your own skin.

THURSDAY: Judgments

Release the judgmental mindset FOR GOOD.

Let's Go!

If you're READY to finally Be At Peace, I'll be waiting for you on the other side

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