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Hi my friend, My name is Natalie Saimeri. I am an open-minded, motivating Identity Coach who has a drive for coaching others to let go and truly discover their worth.


After going through a bad break up and losing who I was when my gymnastics career was over. I had lost my self-worth and self-love. It felt as though nothing in this world could make me feel whole again. The thing I would always land on was , self destruction. I became the master of putting on the 'Pretending to be okay' face, never allowing myself to truly feel and being my own worst enemy.


Self-sabotage, became a common theme for me. A constant pattern of feeling sorry for myself, blocking love out of my life, my anxiety ruling me, the chatter in my head getting louder and louder, led me to becoming stuck and feeling depressed.


After the loss of identity and being in a constant cycle of beating myself up, stressed all the time and having unexplainable stomach pain, I can truly say I have come to a place of love, confidence and freedom. Now I am living out my passions and purpose, and they are here to STAY!


I'm here to help you detox from the destruction so you can FINALLY feel confident in your own skin!


As your coach and biggest supporter, I am here to help you use your past as your power, not as your excuse. Here to help you create your new self and your new passions. Together we will instill new beliefs and healthy habits in order to release decades of fears, telling you,"You are not good enough, you can't do this, you have to look a certain way.”.

Your time is now.


Free yourself from the constant cycle of destruction so you can finally live in your body and love who you are.

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Destin, FL