Learn more about Natalie's story and why she does what she does

January 29, 2019

​You will not be the BEST yet starting out your career. 

Listen here for Natalie's story of the ups and downs in finding ME again after her sport.

"Moving and changing my environment was a game changer for me. It gave me a sense of belonging again." 

Check her out at Iamr...

December 12, 2018

​Natalie was a gymnast and now has her own coaching business called Ready Coaching, which helps athletes with the post career transition.  Check her out at Iamreadytoday.com

December 10, 2018

– Freshman year, the day before my first college meet I was pulled into the coaches office and said I couldn’t compete. Then said I couldn’t travel with the team. All year. Because of my SAT scores. That was a devastating time

– Captain of the team my senior year colleg...

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