Are you READY to get your shit together and unleash the unstoppable confidence you need to create the success you know you're meant for?

If you're READY to break up with your bullshit and have a deeper connection with yourself, then this is the place to be.


You know you've been trying to get your "shit together" for a while now.

Deep down in your soul you know you have more to give and be in this life.

You're a leader. A helper. A giver. You have this innate ability to connect with others. To really help them, guide them to what they want in life.

Everyone counts on you to lift them up, crack a joke, help them through a break up. But something just doesn't feel fully aligned inside for you. You feel something is missing.

You want to live life on your own terms and finally see some results. But your lack of implementation, not feeling confident in your decisions and abilities and never feeling good enough pulls you back into "playing it safe" at surface level in life.


You want to really stand behind the confident shell you are portraying on the outside.


You have the will power, work ethic and courage to do so, you just don't know which journey will actually take you there.

You're a badass MoFo. Everyone sees your confident leadership! you see it and feel it?

People saying you're "so strong" but you don't 100% feel it true inside.

People say "You've got so much going for you", but haven't accomplished it yet.

Everyone knowing you're the confident one of the group but you're feeling like an imposter.

You've been trying, but you can't seem to get out of your own way and start achieving what you want in life.

You have so many ideas, so many ways to create a better lifestyle for yourself. In work, love life and internal self.


But some how nothing gets put into action. And that keeps you stuck, bringing you back to living surface level...again. A place you know you are NOT meant to be.

You want to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Under the perfectionism, the indecisiveness, the anxiety.

So are you READY to break up with your bullshit, get to know yourself on a deeper level and flourish in life, work and relationships?

"Natalie was an amazing coach— her vibrant energy, gentle guidance, and constant encouragement led us all on a path toward success. I finally feel like I have control of my life again, and now I have all the tools and techniques to overcome whatever obstacles I may face in the future ahead!"



You thrive when you're with your tribe. Here's your soulful tribe to lean on, grow + evolve with and create that next level of themselves just like you do.

INTRODUCING the women warrior, soul sister tribe,

Confidence Immersion Mastermind

Go from reading all the self help books, bought the crystals, started to meditate and heal but still struggling with implementing confidence into life to making confident decisions, taking consistent action in next level self. Seeing confident success in life, work and relationships.

Confidence Immersion Journey

Kicking off on June 14th 2020

A 12 week collaborative journey to unlock all parts of your being, unite masculine and feminine energy, expand your leadership, create unstoppable self confidence and unapologetically shine bright when the world is dimmed. For the woman who is READY to rock, get out of her own way and have that deeper, more vibrant connection with herself but also needs powerful guidance, accountability and a high-vibe tribe to support her growth. For the woman who is willing to do what it takes to turn her ideas, dreams and aspirations into ACTION. For the woman who is READY to put some skin in the game and reap the rewards.


To create aligned action for your own specific internal and external world.


Overcome any blocks (perfectionism, self-sabotage, overwhelm) that are hindering you from moving forward + to create and know yourself on a deeper level.


To hold yourself accountable and track your successes along the way.


Your tribe right at your fingertips with all the support and guidance you need. In this Facebook community we will have Livestream Trainings to help create the unstoppable confidence you knew you had in you.


Off of the FB community and goal tracker board, you have me in your back pocket to give you the utmost support , good vibes, laughter + guidance along side your journey.


To create your Sacred Soul Mission. Coming together, as a tribe at the end of the 12-week digital journey, to unleash your true soulful mission. This 4 day, 3 night ALL INCLUSIVE retreat will help you completely release the old and immerse yourself in the new. This is your time to create the full mind, body and soul confidence with healthy foods, healing sessions, dance parties, group excursions and more! In Pensacola Beach, FL! This will be exactly what you need at the end of your 12-week journey.

Your real life sanctuary to zen out with your

tribe and just be authentically YOU.

"Natalie's positivity and energy is infectious and creates the path to a different way of thinking, she's a very gifted individual. I had found the light I was looking for. Natalie helped push me past my fears in such an amazing way, showing me that it is never too late to change your life and be who you are really meant to be. Today I know no matter what life throws at me I believe in myself, love myself, and trust myself to know I have the tools and mindset to overcome anything and everything. Natalie's caring and encouraging nature paved the way for me to completely change my life and way of thinking and I'd recommend Natalie to ANYONE. Just take the first step...reach out!"





  • Want a deeper connection with yourself

  • A go-getter and want to confidently thrive in life, work and relationships

  • Are READY to take action on your life (even if fear is present)

  • Want to feel confident in your decisions and abilities - not second guessing and sabotaging yourself anymore

  • Have started your healing journey

  • Love/Obsessed with self development

  • Want to find your badass tribe to grow, support and flourish together


  • Are okay with living at surface level

  • Don't care to succeed in life

  • Haven't touched on any self healing yet

  • Needs a lot of hand holding and being told what to do

  • Don't care about working through perfection paralysis

  • You're not willing to shift any parts of yourself

"I LOVED Natalie's delivery, she really spoke to my inner self talk, my self sabotaging ways, my perfectionism, my inability to set boundaries.


I am a different person now than who I was 3 months ago. I am more clear on how to set personal boundaries, stay true to my authentic self, more comfortable with myself in being alone. I have more self love, more gratitude, better relationships. I am able to communicate radically with people around me, rather then just people pleasing all the time. I don’t ever have to be that person I was, constantly staying a surface level just because you don’t think you’re worthy enough. I am eternally grateful for Natalie!!"


Career Coach


What is the program investment?

I'll tell you everything when we get on a call you and guide you through. There are many payment options for this program to help you feel at ease at this time.

What if I just want to do the program and not the retreat? Or vice versa?

I love thinking outside the box! This program has the retreat included. If you would like to do the program and not the retreat that will be a different 1:1 coaching with Natalie, not in a group setting. You are not allowed to come to the retreat if you are not in the group program. Separate retreats might be coming soon!

How long is the retreat and where?

4 day, 3 night ALL INCLUSIVE retreat in a beautiful sanctuary house in Pensacola Beach, FL! The ladies will come in the evening of first day and leave afternoon of the last day. Thursday, October 1st to Sunday, October 4th.

Is the retreat included in program investment?

HELL YA sista! All you have to do is purchase your plane ticket, bring your beautiful soul and comfy clothes! You will not spend a dime at this retreat. It will all be included in your program package.

If we can't travel because of virus do I just miss the retreat?

Not to worry. Because we are in uncertain times, anything could change. Your safety is our number one, we are always open to pushing the retreat back to a later date if absolutely needed. I feel the universe will help us be cleared by then....we'll be needing a little getaway!

What will we be eating at the retreat?

Nutrition based, balanced meals. About a month before the retreat Natalie will send out a questionnaire to know dietary and allergy restrictions. (also will want to know if anyone else wants flaming hot Cheetos too!)

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